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Everything You Need to Know About Manufacturer Warranties


Factory Warranty, Basic Warranty, Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, “As-Is” Sale or Dealership Warranty and Limited Warranty are all basically different names for Manufacturer Warranties 

Manufacturer Warranties are packages (already included in the initial price of the car) offered by auto manufacturers when recently purchased vehicles have unexpected issues arise due to defective parts or inadequate installation of parts.  

  • The name Factory Warranty comes because such unexpected irregularities are usually caused during the assemblage of the vehicle in the factory.  
  • Manufacturer Warranties are also referred to as Basic Warranty because they offer all the basic coverage that a customer expects if their new purchase has any issues the manufacturers are responsible for.  
  • Manufacturer Warranties can also be transferred to buyers of used cars if they haven’t expired their time period or mileage limitations. 
  • Thus Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty is the same as Manufacturer Warranties but mostly used when referring to used cars. It receives this name because it covers the repair or replacement of the inner components in between the vehicle’s front and back bumper (usually excluding the powertrain).  
  • Similarly, the same idea is commonly applied by used car dealerships as “As-Is” Sales. The service receives this name since the car is being sold “as [it] is.” 
  • And even though most dealerships use the “As-Is” Sale method, a few will also offer extended warranty deals or their own Dealership Warranty (which varies from dealership to dealership).  

For Example: Direct Auto Mall’s Used Car Warranty covers vehicle safety and drivability matters. The warranty policy’s length is based on the car-years or car-mileage (whichever comes first) lasting either 30, 60 or 90 days. Which does not include any cosmetic, accessorial or wear-and-tear repairs or replacements. 

  • Limited Warranty is another way to refer to any warranty that has limitations. Since Manufacturer Warranties only cover repair or replacement of parts that experienced deficiency due to faulty workmanship, Manufacturer Warranties are Limited Warranties. The name represents every type of warranty that isn’t an extended warranty.  

What Do Manufacturer Warranties Cover? 

Warranty coverages and their expiration vary depending on each Manufacturer. Their service offers will last for as long as each auto makers’ pre-determined time period or auto mileage limit (whichever one comes first).  

Besides maintenance and repair of defective or misassembled parts, a few manufacturers will also include the following coverage in their warranty (usually under specific sectors of the packages, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual of your vehicle):  

  • Corrosion (link to corrosion article) 
  • Powertrain (link) 
  • Batteries (link) 
  • Tires (link) 
  • Emission Control (link)  
  • Roadside Assistance (link) 

What Do Manufacturer Warranties Do Not Cover? 

Similar to what they do offer, covered services that are not offered depends a lot on the manufacturers (so again, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual of your vehicle).  

However, the elements that manufacturers do not tend to include in their warranty coverage are: 

  • Over time wear and tear (such as wiper blades, filters, brake pads, etc.) 
  • Damages caused by outside impact 
  • Damages caused by owners’ negligence  

List of Manufacturer Warranties Offered by Known Companies 

Since Manufacturer Warranties vary so much between different vehicle brands, we have made a list of the term length and mileage limit offered by each manufacturer based on the make year of the vehicle.  

Brand  Make Year  Term Length Limit  Mileage Limit 
Acura  2000 – 2020  4 years  50,000 miles 
Audi  2001 – 2020  4 years  50,000 miles 
BMW  2000 – 2020  4 years  50,000 miles 
Cadillac  2000 – 2019  4 years  50,000 miles 
Chevrolet  2000 – 2019  3 years  36,000 miles 
Chrysler  2003 – 2020  3 years  36,000 miles 
Dodge  2003 – 2020  3 years  36,000 miles 
Fiat  2012 – 2019  4 years  50,000 miles 
Ford  2000 – 2019  3 years  36, 000 miles 
GMC  2000 – 2019  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Honda  2000 – 2019  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Hyundai  2000 – 2020  5 years  60,000 miles 
INFINITI  2000 – 2019  4 years  60,000 miles 
Jeep  2003 – 2020  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Kia  2000 – 2020  5 years  60,000 miles 
Land Rover  2000 – 2020  4 years  50, 000 miles 
Lexus  2000 – 2020  4 years  50, 000 miles 
Mercedes-Benz  2000 – 2019  4 years  50, 000 miles 
Mitsubishi  2004 – 2019  5 years  60,000 miles 
Nissan  2019 – 2020  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Ram  2003 – 2020  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Subaru  2000 – 2019  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Toyota  2000 – 2020  3 years  36, 000 miles 
Volkswagen  2009 – 2017  3 years  36,000 miles 
  2018 – 2020   6 years  70, 000 miles 



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