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5 Tips: Driving to the Beach 


The best season of the year has finally arrived! You are ready to grab the kids, call your friends, pack the car and go enjoy the long-awaited best pleasure of the summer: the beach! BUT WAIT! Is it going to be too hot for the car’s motor? Does my car even have the right terrain mode for the beach? What about all that infinite sand that I will still find under the mat five months from now?! Is it even worth it?!?! 

Yes, it is! You know it! And we know it too! That’s why Direct Auto Mall has created this new article including awesome tips about driving to the beach! Keep reading to find out more…. 

1. Park Your Car On The Shade! 

Ok, this one is a little too obvious, but we still felt the need to include it. 😅 

Even if the area where the shade is located means a little longer walk to the beachy relaxation you have been waiting for, and the wife and the kids just ran up ahead leaving you behind to carry all their stuff … parking your car on the shade is extremely helpful to the car’s motor. Even if the weather is breezier than usual, leaving your car under the sun all day long can be harmful when you are trying to turn it on later or it can even have longer repercussions in the future. Better being safe than sorry! 

2. But There is NO Shade! What Should I do? 

Sadly, this one happens more often than not. But no need to worry, because there are a couple things that can be done to help cooler the temperature of the motor and they won’t cost you anything! 

If it is a windy day, open the hood for a short time before turning the car on again and let the breeze air out the heat.  

As we mentioned before, even during breezy days, leaving your car under the sun can be “harmful” to the motor, since the closed metal hood will absorb the heat for a while. However, the cold breeze can help the inner compartments of the hood cool down before turning the motor on. A little sand can flow in the hood … but as we like to say, a little sand never killed nobody. 😏 

Roll down the windows a little bit to let the air circulate.  

This one can be a little risky… BUT, if you are in a safe area or have eyesight of your vehicle, leaving the windows a tad bit open can really help the hot air circulate. Once it’s time to leave, an overall “cooler” vehicle really improves the condition to turn the motor back on without causing any harm to it. 

3. Driving over Sand on Landscape Mode 

Again, another obvious one 🙄…… If your car offers foreign terrain modes, turn on that landscape mode! And if it offers sand-ground mode, that’s even better! 

Sometimes when driving on sandy, muddy or rocky surfaces the ride could be going so smoothly that drivers might forget to use the landscape modes that already come with the vehicle. But driving on foreign terrain surfaces with a 2WD can have long-term repercussions on your car’s powertrain… seriously, better safe than sorry!   

4. My Car Does Not Have Landscape Mode … What do I do?  

Even though, we always recommend that you use the right type of car for driving on sand, we know that this is not always the case. So, don’t worry because we have a couple solutions for you! 

Once you reach sand, lower your tires pressure.  

This one might sound like a hassle, but lower psi will allow your vehicle to smoothly drive over the sand instead of digging itself into it. However, once you are back on the pavement, do not forget to re-inflate the tires!  

Take in consideration your car’s weight!  

The heavier the car, the harder it will be for the motor to “boost” it, especially if the vehicle is not supposed to be used on those terrains. And we both know that there are a few things that you don’t reeeealy need to bring to the beach trip with you (that Cuisinart CCG-180 Gourmet Portable Propane grill, seven beach towels, your mother-in-law… you know what we mean 🤣).   

5. How to Keep the Sand Far-Far-Away From the Car 

Haha, honestly, we wish we knew this one, but you are at the beach after all 😎. So even though there is always going to be a little sand, there are a few items that can help you get rid of most of it after your trip to the beach.  

Weather Floor Mats and Cargo Linear  

Even though both items can be a little expensive, they are extremely helpful. After a day at the beach, all you have to do is dumb the sand accumulated on top of them and you are done! 

Throw a sheet or dry towel over the seats 

This tip is really the “cheaper” version of weather floor mats and cargo linears. Probably not as efficient, but you could still get rid of excess sand accumulated on top of those after a trip to the beach.  

Bring a Dust Broom  

Dusting the car from excess sand can also help it a bit 

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